Tuesday, 11 December 2018

2018 - Reflection

WALT: Reflect on 2018

Image result for tamaki primary schoolThe School year is almost finish, It has been a very great year with my peers and my teachers. I have learned a lot from the Kia Manawanui. I have been building up my confidence and I have been this year. 3 words that describes this year is Confident, Funny, Positive. The one thing I have achieved this year was my Confident skill and I am really proud of .The new thing I have discovered this year about me is, I can be I can strike and achieve but I just need to get my head focus.

 Leaving this school is like leaving my family, Tamaki Primary School taught me a lot. What I have found challenging this year was Maths because I don't really like but when I started to learn more and now Maths is one of my favourite.  The 5 people that I enjoyed spending time with was Deme, Toma, Aumau, Alo and Suave. The person that always had a positive impact was Grace because she would always help me with my work when I am stuck. When im always off task she would always correct me. 
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Monday, 10 December 2018

The Last Week (Reflection)

The last week of school, This week is our last week of school until I go College. I am feeling nervous to go to college because it's really different going college because it's not the same as intermediate and primary. I really want to leave this school but I have too. Leaving this school is like leaving my family, Tamaki Primary School taught me alot.  Because its the Last week of school I would be trying hardest to complete all my work and stuff that is unfinished. What I have found challenging this year before the year ends was being confident on giving my opinion on our debate we have did.

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Friday, 23 November 2018

Designed for Good ( Reading)

IALT: Reflect on what we did with our Buddy for reading.

Malo e Lelei, Talofa Lava, Bula Vinaka and greetings to you all welcome to my blog.

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Image result for PossumsToday me and my buddy Demetrius worked on our Reading task which was about New Zealand Environment/Native Bush questions. It was fun doing our Questions because we finished it so fast and we were on to it. What I found challenging was Researching about some of the questions because I had to visit different sites and put it into my own words.  What I found enjoyable was finding out informations about the animals that has been introduced to New zealand in the past.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Critical analysis of still images ( Reflection)

I am learning to reflect about Critical analysis of still images.

Today after morning we got splitted up into Room 9 and Room 10, I was in Room 10 and what we did was we had to Analyse 3 Still Pictures. The picture was really weird to me. So we had to talk in a group of 4 on what the picture is about and 7 key questions. The 7 questions were...

 Who took the photo?
How is the subject represented in the photo?
What kinds of messages are being conveyed?
How do different parts of the image contribute to these messages?
What if the photo was taken from a different angle or cropped differently?
Who might the intended audience be?
How might different groups of people respond to the image?
What I found challenging was answering the question because it was so challenging to see what they are doing. Lastly what I found fun and enjoyable was seeing how people would react to what they are doing.


See Yah!!

Astria – Countdown to Impact ( Reflection)

Astria – Countdown to Impact.

IALT: Reflect on what we did for our game called Astria.

Yesterday we started a new game called Astria - Countdown to Impact. My partner was Timeus, When we started the game he didn't feel like playing but while we were playing it started to get fun and excited. The game we played was about reading and trying to think critically on the answers. Me and Timeus was on to our Game because after the day we started the next day (Today) we finished under 10 minutes, It was funny because some questions we pretty hard. What I found challenging was picking the facts in the game because it was so hard. We used our thinking skills for this game even though it was so hard to answer.


Friday, 9 November 2018

Inquiry - Technological World

IALT:Reflect on what I did for my Technological World

Image result for Old Cars pngToday me and my group have been working on our Technological World and the technology we choset was Cars. My question that I did was How has Cars changed the way we live?.

It has changed the  way we live because nowadays it makes life easier. My answer was... Cars in the old days was very different because in the past there cars was like only upto 45 hp( which is very slow) and nowadays cars can go over 200 HP/Horsepower. Cars have changed the way we live because nowadays our cars are more safe for us because in the past it was pretty dangerous.

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Me and my group have been working so hard on our presentation, What I found challenging was answering my question because it was pretty confusing but then started to get more information and Ideas.


Maths Reflection

WALT:Reflect on what we did for Maths.

Today in the middle block Kia Manawanui had maths, what we did for maths was worksheet we had to catch up with and the worksheet we did was all about Adding and subtracting decimals. 

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I found it very fun because I got 2 pages done. What I found challenging was subtracting decimals because some were easy some were hard.
 The question I was stuck was 112.5 - 27.60, It was really hard for me but then I got helped from others. I really think I have improved in my Maths skills because Im getting use to using Maths languages and answering question quicker than before.

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