Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Writing Reflection

Hi guys today we had writing and it was a test our test was about Good friends.It was hard in the begging but then it kind of went easy but I still struggle and I managed to finish it

NAME: Tevita
START WRITING HERE: Good Friend is having a good friendship with others and friendship can be like best friends.Good friends is when people is gaining and making good choices with each others. It is good to be a good friend because it would be like having a friend that never gets mad at you never argue and fight with because that is Negative friends.Good friend would be like people that never give up people and that encourage the mate and there best friend. Good friend is being a peace person.Good freinds is having a good friendship with others and students(Kids).

Good friends can be important by having a positive life not a negative life.Good friends is being respectful to others and Joyful. Good friends can be great as being at heaven.Good is just the same as being at a place that there no drama and no fighting and just calm.If you want to be a good friend you should always learn how be kind and to control your anger on people that try to get you mad.For example people make try make  you angry by saying ¨Your Parents¨,¨Your Grandparents¨, ¨Your Generation¨.

You should always try manage your emotion and try be a good person like what you do to your friends.If your trying your best to be a good friend you will stay kind and when you die you will always go heaven because they will accept good friends.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


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Image result for fitness runningToday we had Fitness after Morning Tea and today is fitness was easy and fast because we just ran around the Bike track because Yesterday we ran around the block which is pretty long because we do more meters with it.Our Teachers that was taking us for Fitness was Ms. Kyla,Ms. Komor and Kelly So our 5 Exercises High 
knees,Plank Hold,Squats,Step up and Relay RunSo there was 3 groups and I was in Group 3 but mostly of my friend are in group 2.What I like about my group is that it is a encouraging group and a can do attitude group.


Monday, 30 October 2017

Kiwisport Reflection

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Today room 9 went Kiwisport and we had Run,Jump and Throw.Our first activity game was Capture the cone so how to play the game was there is 4 hula hoops in each corner and  you have to try get the cones inside the hula hoops.But there is 4 taggers that is in each hula hoop so we try to get through and get the cone but it was hard the part that I liked was hitting people with the noodle.


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Who am I??


I am tongan,I am Part Solomon Island and Samoan.
I was born at Tonga then I came here 2007,I am a fan of my uncle Israel Folau and my favorite team is Wallabies and my favorite Nrl team is Melbourne Storm, Brisbane Broncos,North Queensland Cowboys.
In the future I will always want to be in Wallabies and I am proud to be a Tongan,Solomon Island,Samoa because that is who I wanted to be like.


Kiwi Can Reflection

Today we had writing and the people that was in my group was VUNI,MONITA,GEORGE,MATTHEW,WILLOW,DEMETRIUS,
ME.So it was about whanaungatanga which means Building Positive Relationship that is one of our school Values.And we haven't finished but this is was I and my group have wrote so far.
This will start with HOW... or WHY...
Positive relationships In school.
What are you going to explain?  How will you hook the reader in?

Paragraph One
What is your first statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)
Building Confidence.
We can build confidence by programmes such as Kiwi Can/Sport,and performances like FiaFia Night and Christmas in the park.Also when we talk in front of assembly and class we talk with confidence and pride so people can hear us clearly.
We build confidence by practising your confidence in front of your family at home.We also can build it by thinking positive and don't think about what others think of you when you try to be confident.
By showing that we can build it by having the ability to successfully do something well to boost your confidence.
Paragraph Two
What is your second statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)
Building relationships with teachers.
We can build relationships with teachers by learning new things with others.We can get more key ideas from what we have been talking about.We can build relationship with teachers by listening to what the teacher is saying and trying to get more ideas of what the person is talking about.We can also show whanaungatanga with teachers by learning what we have heard about with a group.
Building relationships with teachers is by playing a game that everyone can play including a teacher because we want to build more relationship with others and teachers.
Paragraph Three
What is your third statement or main point? (S.E.E.E)

School is a encouraging place for whanaungatanga.
Encouraging other to follow the values or the school rules. This when you help each other to follow the school values or the school rules. For example when a person is bullying a different person that is when you go and tell them about them about the school rules or the school values. And a different example is when some people are fighting that is when you go and tell them the school rules and the school values.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Rugby Tournament!!

On wednesday we had a Rugby Tournament and we had only 4 games. The girls had Rippa Rugby/Tag.There was a Year 7 & 8 Girls Rippa and a Year 5 & 6 Rippa Rugby Team. The last team which came 1st for Rugby was Year 7 & 8 Rugby Team.The teams we competed was Glen Innes School,Glenbrae School,Glen Taylor and last was Panmure Bridge School.So all the schools we competed mostly had Glen in there school but only one of the school did not have Glen.We won all of our games by nial but only Glenbrae School that scored only 1 try against our team so our hardest game to defend was Glenbrae because they had hard runner like this boy called Inoke,Miami and George.They were like a bulldozer but we still managed to get through there team and win the game.We had a game but it was a bye and then we watch other people is games and then I decided to watch my friend is game called Inoke and then he got injured then all the Tamaki boys ran and helped him but the ref said carry on we supported him and now he feeling better because he had a massive Cramp with Gary. I was Number 6 six for the game.Our best game was against Panmure bridge because we won against them 55-0.


Thursday, 19 October 2017

Maths Reflection

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Today we had maths and my Follow up Task was called A sticky Problem and is was a follow up task about this girl called Rachel and she was selling some Fudge.If you don't know what fudge is, fudge is something you eat and it like sticky and it is like a small chocolate bar.

Down here is my Question and Answer