Friday, 20 October 2017

Rugby Tournament!!

On wednesday we had a Rugby Tournament and we had only 4 games. The girls had Rippa Rugby/Tag.There was a Year 7 & 8 Girls Rippa and a Year 5 & 6 Rippa Rugby Team. The last team which came 1st for Rugby was Year 7 & 8 Rugby Team.The teams we competed was Glen Innes School,Glenbrae School,Glen Taylor and last was Panmure Bridge School.So all the schools we competed mostly had Glen in there school but only one of the school did not have Glen.We won all of our games by nial but only Glenbrae School that scored only 1 try against our team so our hardest game to defend was Glenbrae because they had hard runner like this boy called Inoke,Miami and George.They were like a bulldozer but we still managed to get through there team and win the game.We had a game but it was a bye and then we watch other people is games and then I decided to watch my friend is game called Inoke and then he got injured then all the Tamaki boys ran and helped him but the ref said carry on we supported him and now he feeling better because he had a massive Cramp with Gary. I was Number 6 six for the game.Our best game was against Panmure bridge because we won against them 55-0.


Thursday, 19 October 2017

Maths Reflection

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Today we had maths and my Follow up Task was called A sticky Problem and is was a follow up task about this girl called Rachel and she was selling some Fudge.If you don't know what fudge is, fudge is something you eat and it like sticky and it is like a small chocolate bar.

Down here is my Question and Answer

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Auckland’s fuel shortage

Today I was reading a Article about the Planes Petrol. Several petrol stations in Auckland have been hit by fuel shortages as problems caused by damage to a pipeline in Auckland spread. Energy confirmed that 13 service stations had run out of 95 octane petrol.
The firm said fuel was being trucked into the city and it did not expect the problem to worsen.

Fuel supplies to cars and planes in Auckland have been disrupted after the pipeline burst last week.It was damaged by a digger on a rural property and its operator, Refinery NZ, said on Monday repairs could take at least a week.

Thank for reading!!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Butter hits record price in New Zealand

IALT:Reflect on what I was reading

New Zealand food prices rose in August, with fruit and vegetables, meat, and groceries such as butter more expensive than a year earlier.In particular butter prices hit a record high of $5.39 per block. 
This is up 11 per cent in the month and 62 per cent from a year earlier.The study of prices was carried out as part of the consumer price index which monitors the price of goods in New Zealand.


Maori Assembly (Reflection)

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Hi guys today Kia Manawanui and the younger syndicate had a assembly and the Assembly was all about Maori Language Week.So our introducer was Constance and Frances they were wearing a Maori Design or a Maori Decoration.Tamaki Primary School was singing 3 SOngs and the songs were...

 Te wa O Matariki.

I think the best room to present was Room 4 because there song was fun and all of our class was singing.The 2nd best classroom I thought they were good was Room 10 because Mrs Kyla made a song about Matariki  and it was fun because the 
song was interesting to hear.

Monday, 18 September 2017

I got *PLAYER OF THE YEAR* Reflection

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HI guys On the 16th of September which is on Saturday Marist brothers Football Club had Prize giving but this was for the Junior syndicate which was U13 and down.So I was in the U11 Team and our team was called Marist Roosters.So when it was our turn to go up the stage all of our team mate thought that this hard fending boy called Toni is going to get Player Of The Year but then it was me.The reason why it was me because I always cheer them up and I always wanna make them play hard so that was the reason I got and the reason Toni didn't got it because he went to another club called Varsity and play there when we had a game and he wasn't playing.I really enjoyed having prize giving and I am looking forward till Next Year when I play for Marist U12. Image result for great job stamp

Thursday, 14 September 2017

5kg of coins removed from a sea turtle.

IALT:Reflect on what happen to the turtle

Today I was reading a article about a turtle having 5 kg of coin in him.Thai vets have found 5 kg of coins inside a turtle.The green sea turtle had been living at a conservation centre in Sriracha, Chonburi, east of the Thai capital of Bangkok.The turtle had eaten the 900 coins after they were thrown into her enclosure for good luck.The coins and other objects were removed from the turtle named Omsin, which means piggy bank in Thai.The coins weighed 5kg with the turtle itself weighing 59kg.I am learning how to write something that I can understand and what my reader knows about.