Monday, 19 February 2018

Kiwisport/P.E Reflection

WALT: Reflect on our Kiwisport and P.E
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Today we had Kiwisport and a P.E so group 1 first had Kiwisport and group 2 have P.E. I was in group 2 and we had P.E. First we had to run around the track and then we had to do some stretchers which is Walking Lunges and other stretchers but I didn't know what the name are. After the stretchers we had to get a Softball mat and a Softball bat and we had to practice our hittings but softly. Me and Toma was a little bit rough on hitting because it was a tennis ball we were hitting and then it went over the containers were our Bike shed is.

After all of my group had a turn we had to put the bat where is was and we played a little softball game. The boys was outside fielding and the girls were batting so our bowler was Toma he was really good at bowling so we played and then we got 3 girls out so it was the boys turn to bate what we were batting group 1 came so we didn't have time for us to bat the ball so we switched teams and went to Kiwisport.

Our Instructor for Kiwisport was Peter he looked very sporty for Tennis. Our first activity was trying to get the ball first so we Peter would do like head,shoulder knees toes  and then ball so we try get the ball in the middle before my partner. My partner was Demetrius and was really fast at getting the ball so we tied. The second activity was batting and we were batting to our partner in the other side. Our other activity was when we pick a card and if it is 10 we had to hit it 10 times perfect.Me and Deme got seven point as well as Nesi and Aletheia.

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Friday, 16 February 2018

Te Tuhi Reflection

WALT:Write a reflection about our experience at Te Tuhi

Hi today we had Te Tuhi and what we learned was to always speak clearly while we performed.While we were performing I felt that my group was actually confident. We actually were loud and clear during our performance and we were not shy. The second thing that I learned for myself was to always not laugh during performance.The last thing I learned was to always take your time when your doing your collage poster.

What I have learned that I can give back to our school was to always take your time and always not laughing when your performing because if you actually performed you will not be laughing you would be serious on performance. What I would like to spend time on for Te Tuhi was practicing my impression on my performance. Why I need to work on my impression because we want to make our performance better and interesting. What I liked doing with Salome was making our Collage poster.
Thank you for reading my Reflection.

Friday, 2 February 2018

School Values - My Goals

Today I've learn more about our school values and setting our new school value goals.What I found challenging was doing my Tukumarie goal because I was always stuck for that but finally I got help from my friend and I completed my task.The second challenging thing I was stuck was Rangimarie, I was so confused but lucky it said peace so I had heaps of ideas that came to my brain.Here is my DLO. 
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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Writing Reflection

Hi guys today we had writing and it was a test our test was about Good friends.It was hard in the begging but then it kind of went easy but I still struggle and I managed to finish it

NAME: Tevita
START WRITING HERE: Good Friend is having a good friendship with others and friendship can be like best friends.Good friends is when people is gaining and making good choices with each others. It is good to be a good friend because it would be like having a friend that never gets mad at you never argue and fight with because that is Negative friends.Good friend would be like people that never give up people and that encourage the mate and there best friend. Good friend is being a peace person.Good freinds is having a good friendship with others and students(Kids).

Good friends can be important by having a positive life not a negative life.Good friends is being respectful to others and Joyful. Good friends can be great as being at heaven.Good is just the same as being at a place that there no drama and no fighting and just calm.If you want to be a good friend you should always learn how be kind and to control your anger on people that try to get you mad.For example people make try make  you angry by saying ¨Your Parents¨,¨Your Grandparents¨, ¨Your Generation¨.

You should always try manage your emotion and try be a good person like what you do to your friends.If your trying your best to be a good friend you will stay kind and when you die you will always go heaven because they will accept good friends.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


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Image result for fitness runningToday we had Fitness after Morning Tea and today is fitness was easy and fast because we just ran around the Bike track because Yesterday we ran around the block which is pretty long because we do more meters with it.Our Teachers that was taking us for Fitness was Ms. Kyla,Ms. Komor and Kelly So our 5 Exercises High 
knees,Plank Hold,Squats,Step up and Relay RunSo there was 3 groups and I was in Group 3 but mostly of my friend are in group 2.What I like about my group is that it is a encouraging group and a can do attitude group.


Monday, 30 October 2017

Kiwisport Reflection

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Today room 9 went Kiwisport and we had Run,Jump and Throw.Our first activity game was Capture the cone so how to play the game was there is 4 hula hoops in each corner and  you have to try get the cones inside the hula hoops.But there is 4 taggers that is in each hula hoop so we try to get through and get the cone but it was hard the part that I liked was hitting people with the noodle.


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Who am I??


I am tongan,I am Part Solomon Island and Samoan.
I was born at Tonga then I came here 2007,I am a fan of my uncle Israel Folau and my favorite team is Wallabies and my favorite Nrl team is Melbourne Storm, Brisbane Broncos,North Queensland Cowboys.
In the future I will always want to be in Wallabies and I am proud to be a Tongan,Solomon Island,Samoa because that is who I wanted to be like.