Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te Oro Reflection

Today I am learning to reflect about what we did at Te oro.

I enjoyed going and Te oro because we some of the student at Tamaki Primary school were allowed to go they were our visitors.I was so scared because I just practice 4 script in one day.When I was performing I was confident I was alright in the begging but then on my last script I forgot on 4 words on my script but lucky I remembered it and then I started to carry on.The people that was in my group 

I was kind of shy because when we were fishing we didn't hear that much when the song was playing.Thank you for reading Hoped you enjoyed.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Te Tuhi Reflection

Today on my video I will be talking about what I did at Te Tuhi.
I was learning to use Screencastify to make my Reflection.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Tevita and Toma Digital Dig 2017

Today we had Cybersmart with our Cybersmart teacher called Mrs Sherring.I was learning to keep my password safe and I have finish this task with my Mate/Buddy his name was called Toma we have our slide we were doing was Digital Dig.What I am looking forward for next week cybersmart is to change my password because people knows my password and I am so scared if the Hack it.What I found challenging today was Making a sentence and take some word off and make the letter my password like (EXAMPLE) I went to the shop.And they take all the second  letters off and make the first letter and just put the 1 letter and make it ass a password so it will be IWTTS stand for I went to the shop.

Toma and Tevita Reuse and attribute an image

WALT: share our learning about Cybersmart and also reuse, and attribute an image.
Today I got to finish me and my buddies Reuse and attribute an image work.What I found challenging was going on google and looking for images.Another thing I found challenging was searching for the type of license. It was challenging because I had to search for the type of License.A thing that wasn't challenging was searching up the image. Another thing I found not challenging was getting the author's name.
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Friday, 24 March 2017

Camp Out Reflection

Today  I am learning to write about reflection when we had our Camp Out and I am going to talk about how I felt,What I enjoyed,What I wished we should of done during the 2 days of excitement.

On Thursday the 16th of March and Friday the 17th our Year 7/8 had a awesome Day at Polyfest,Pools and having a Sleepover at Tamaki Primary School.What I felt about Polyfest.I felt so excited and I felt hot because at Polyfest we were sitting at the Maori stage place and it was so much hot that I was sweating like someone was crying hard.What I enjoyed at Polyfest?.I enjoyed watching my Cousin is school performing the school was Mcauley High School but she wasn't performing because she doesn't want to be in Maori Group.What I enjoyed the most was getting a Maori Pattern.My friends were asking why did you get the Maori Pattern on your face I told them just because I am tongan doesn’t mean your not aloud it.What I learnt about Fire at polyfest is to never put water inside fire because it will make a massive explosion.

                     Sleep Over.
During our Whanaungatanga Camp Out I felt so excited to sleep with my peers in Kauri is tent and What I enjoyed during our Sleepover?.I enjoyed talking too much instead of sleeping and I enjoyed praying before we slept but we prayed and we never slept until 1:00 am.What I learnt about the sleepover was during our prayer people can say Malo and if you don't know what Malo means Malo mean Thank You.What I saw During Sleepover was people the girls Participate to dance and Aumau being a Confident person and dancing.

                   Lagoon Pools
At our trip to the Panmure Lagoon Pools I was so excited because I wanted to swim for long and I felt Enjoyable to play with my peers at the pools.What did you see people doing?.I saw heaps of people like Faith,Aja,Leilani and more playing with other people that they never had played with and I saw some people encouraging them to swim.I saw Some boys and girls able to be confident to sing.

Photo of Joe and Kira
Photos of Year 7/8

Photo of the Boys

Photo of a Group

Photo of funny smile

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Picnic Day Reflection✍️

IALT:Reflect on our school picnic day.
Image result for best bouncy castle png
Today on 12pm we had our school picnic day we first had a assembly then we walked up to our class and just to get our lunch.So then we had to wait outside of to get our Sausage sizzle and Ice block.We all met at the dots and Mrs Kelly which is our Principal said just a little speech and then we went off to play Mrs Aireen asked for all cricket players to come and train for tomorrow which it going to be wednesday so we can get ready for cricket.I got an high catch from one of the batters.When I was playing the bell ring i thought it was finish but it means that the juniors had to swap and go play softball and cricket . The juniors were up to Rm 1,2,3,4,5 and think 6 and the seniors was Rm 7,8,9 and 10.The games that was there was Basketball,Cricket,Softball,Bouncy Castle and Volley Ball.
Image result for basketball dunk silhouetteImage result for softball silhouetteImage result for Cricket silhouette
What I found challenging about picnic day was trying to hit the ball when they bowled it to me for cricket and my feelings about Picnic day was so much fun because when we were playing cricket the boys was dancing and singing my favorite song that our Music teacher Caleb did was Mysterious Girl.When I was playing I looked at the back one of the year 5 student got hit on the head from the softball ball.And my thoughts about it was when we were about to have a water slide and our cricket practice looked like we were ready to play our tournament.I was laughing so hard that Toma and me was dancing to the Azonto song.Then Caleb was playing the Reverse It song and me and my friend Demetrius was trying to do it.

Image result for Dab  silhouette
What I am looking forward for tomorrow because we got cricket and we have to represent our school and the thing I am going to focus now is showing our school values consistently at cricket. 

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Kiwisport Batminton Reflection

I am learning to write a reflection about Kiwisport and what we did.

                                                                                                             Image result for badminton smash
Today at Kiwisport during the 1st block of school Room 9 Kiwisport.We played stuck on the mud but we had to touch there knees and then if you touch it we had to do star jumps.We were playing in teams.The teams was T1 and T2.Our teams that I was in was with Gary,Siale,Sifa,Vuni,Alo,Timeus,Helen,Faith,Akih and more members I lost against heaps of people because I was laughing to much and because I didnt know where they are going to hit it.I enjoyed it by participating in kiwisport for the last section.I won 4 games and my team mate was Akih she always let me serve because dosen't want to I try let her participate to serve the ball.My thoughts about it getting to people participating.Because I saw people that was shy but when they were playing they got good and good.My feelings about Kiwisport was so fun and and I was shocked that Biana served Toma out.

Image result for badminton net clipart
What I found challenging today was hitting it over because usually we hit with no nets but I was so happy that I won some games by serving and let them get it out.
 What I'm looking forward is Skateboard because I think that might be our new kiwisport session.And remember to come with shoes for skateboard.Next week I will be looking forward for people to participate and  be as a team and learn some new skill about Skateboard. 
Image result for skateboard clipart

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