Friday, 11 August 2017

Technology Reflection

IALT:WOrk with my peers and communicate with others.

Today Room 9 & Room 10 went Technology and the was our last time at Cooking and we had to swap our Rotation so next week My group is going to Hard Materials.And I am going to be so happy because I haven't met Mr Grundy which is the Hard Material Teacher.So we made Chocolate Cake with whipped Cream.

The Ingredients we used was....

S.R Flour
Cocoa Powder

It was so fun because it was nearly the same like what we did last week because we all used that ingredient but except for the Oil.I really enjoyed working with George because he is a Hard Worker and he is a intelligent person.So we worked hard and we finished after it was baked we left it to cool down and we put whipped cream and it taste so yum.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Cybersmart - Reflection

IALT:Reflect on what we did last Week Tuesday for  

Last week Tuesday we had Cybersmart and our Cybersmart teacher which was Mrs Shearing and we were talking about keeping our Account safe and we were talking about not putting your Date of birth and the place you live.These are important because some people can hack your account and you will never ever have it again.We also talked about thinking before you post because there can photos or anything that you don't like and you accidently post on a site like Instagram,Facebook and Snapchat.You might not like it but you cannot delete it forever because people might share it and it will be around the world so we have to think before we Blog or Post.


Hip Hop (Kiwisport Reflections)


IALT:Reflect on what we did at Kiwisport.

Today Room 9 had kiwi sport and our subject was Hip Hop so we learnt 4 Elements and it was Art/Graffiti,Rap,DJ/MC,Break dancing. And we actually learned that Hip Hop was made in 1973 and it was made because 3 countries which was the Latinos,African Americans was not treated the same as other Countries so they decided to create Hip Hop to expressed there self.So first we learned all of the facts and finally we got to our Warm Up so we had some Dance Moves we already learnt from last week and it was only Smurf and James Brown and if you guys don't know James Brown he is a famous dancer and Singer but he has died on 2006 25th of December.And our teacher which was Jasmine so we had new moves that we learnt today and it was called Alf and Janet Jackson.
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Friday, 4 August 2017

Amazing skywalk opens in China

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IALT:Read the real article and put it in my own words

Today I was reading an article about China's amazing Skywalk. Check out this amazing walkway which has opened in China.
The v-shaped skywalk has a glass bottom so that visitors who are brave enough to take a stroll on it can see through the floor to the ground more than 120 metres below!.
The structure is the longest of its kind in the world, sticking out almost 70 metres from the side of a sheer cliff.No more than 30 people are allowed on it at any one time.While I was reading this I was shocked because it was only 30 people on the Skywalk and I heard that China has scary buildings.


Texting while cross roads banned in US city

Today I was reading a article about us City banning people texting while crossing the roads.The US city of Honolulu, in Hawaii, has announced it is banning people from using their mobile phones while crossing the road.
The law, which will start in October, is aimed at reducing the number of accidents from distracted walking.
Between 2000 and 2011 more than 11,100 injuries occurred in the United States, according to the US National Safety Council.This a good news and they are right for Banning because people have been texting and walking in the road and they might not know what will happen to them.


Boris Johnson arrives in NZ

Image result for Boris Johnson at Nz

IALT:Write the real article in my own words

Today I was reading a article about Boris Johnson arriving to NZ.Eccentric UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has arrived in Kaikōura via helicopter for his first official visit to New Zealand.

Mr Johnson, the flamboyant, blonde tousled-haired former mayor of London, will hold talks on trade, foreign policy and international security during his visit.This is a shocking moment because I didn't know that he was a NZ until today.


8 year old breaks Kilimanjaro record

IALT:Reflect this article and write it in my own words.

Today I was reading this article and it was about this 8 year old that breaks the world record this is a shocking moment for me because it was a 8 year old.

An 8 year old named Roxy Getter has become the youngest girl to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro.Roxy and her family, including her 10-year-old brother Ben, USA, tackled the 19,341-foot mountain earlier this month during a family vacation to Tanzania.

They had originally intended to sign up for a safari when a friend suggested they look into hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro.