Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Rugby Training (Pakuranga Jaguars)

I am learning to reflect on what we did at our Rugby training.

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Yesterday the 20th of June my rugby team had training and it was basically all about fitness. I was so mad we had fitness because it was all about running and running up hills. What I hated about fitness was that we have to run the whole field of Pakuranga Jaguars and it was just so tiring. After all those hard running of our team  we had a simple drill which was running on to the ball/Passing. But it didn't seem easy for our team because they always drop the ball when they pass it them. We had 6 drop balls so that 6 went into our running hills so it was 6 hills. It was so hard because it was muddy and it just look like your stepping in slimy glue. This week we would be versing Waiuku and that team is a very great team so just hope if we win.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Blog Comment (Demetrius)

WALT: Write a comment on someone is blog with a very good feedback.
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Today I have blogged commented on Demetrius is work.
Image result for QLD VS NSWThe reason why I blog commented on his is because he blog commented on my blog so it would be a good decision to blog on his.  So the blog I have chosen to comment on was State of origin Game 1. If I had to describe Demetrius he Is a very sporty young man that is Brave and strong. And Demetrius is a Active fit person even when it comes to learning. Demetrius is very fun to talk too and he is a talkative person.


Technology (Reflection)

WALT:Reflect on what we did at Technology
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Yesterday on the 14th of June we had Technology and my buddy for this week was Perenara. What we made for this week was Quiches and the year 7 were making macaroni and cheese. What I liked about our food we were doing what that it was easy. I really enjoyed making the queches because it just took 5 minutes to make it and just put into the oven. What I found challenging in cooking was dicing the ham into small pieces. And the other thing I found challenging was folding the pastry and putting it into the muffin tray because my pastry was uneven.


Prince Harry and Meghan coming to New Zealand

WALT: Reflect on what we have read on this article.
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Today I have read a article about Prince Harry and Meghan visiting New Zealand in October. But first they will be visiting Fiji and Tonga and then they will be heading down to New Zealand. What I think about this will be very fun because the first time Prince Harry came down to New Zealand was 2015. 
I hope they will be coming to Auckland because that is a very great place to come. Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was excited of the confirm of the Royal visit. But that will also take place of visiting sydney and watching games before coming to this beautiful place New Zealand.
I will be so excited for them to come New Zealand because I always wanted to see the Royal Family in real life so please make it a dream come true. If I ever see the Royal family that will be a great and big excited thing for me.

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Thank you for reading!!!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Camp Activities (Reflection)

WALT: Tell the audience/readers on what we did for our camp activities.
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Today we have been working on our camp activities and what I choose to do for our camp activities were A-Z Camp Vocabulary. 
The reason why I chose this topic instead of the others is because this is the best topic for me to do when I present in front of my class because I might get something that as from and it will be pretty embarrassing.
  What I found challenging on this task was finding a word that starts with x that relates to camp so my result of my task was 26 out of 25. The easiest letter that I can out of the alphabet that relates to camp was T. I chose T because it felt easy so the words I can get out of it was Tall hills,Target,Timing,Together,Team, Terrific. So here is a photo on what I have done.

Can you think of a word that starts with Q that relates to camp?


Friday, 8 June 2018

Camp Raglan Reflection

WALT: Reflect on how we felt at camp.

What I really enjoyed about camp was Kayaking because I always rock the boat and me and Lydia always fall in the middle of the sea. I enjoyed Kayaking the most is because the Instructor's very attractive and it was fun been with them. Kayaking was fun because it was my first time kayaking to another island and it so far and tiring but we still did it and we came first.

What I didn't like at camp was orienteering because there was heaps of cow poo I stood on and it was so disgusting and because we had to walk up and down the mountains and that was so tiring because its like your walking up mt Everest. I was so lazy but still had that mind to still go and me and Toma came first. I didn't like stepping on the poo because it felt like im gonna die because it was so sunny that it was steam hot.

                        THANK YOU FOR READING!!!

Technology Reflection

WALT: Reflect on what we did at Cooking/Technology.

On the 7th of June we had Technology. I really enjoyed technology because we were in cooking and I love cooking. What we made for cooking was Hot Cakes with Chocolate Hersheys sauce and Whipped cream. My buddy was Aletheia because  I had to work with a year 8 buddy so I went with her. I really enjoyed working with her because she always talk while I have to do the cakes and flip it around to make it cook. Me and Aletheia was talking too much and then we forgot about the cakes and it go so burnt it just looked so black.

 So then we swap she made her own and it was so burnt and I made mine and some were golden coloured 2 were burnt. What I found challenging was making the cake as a circle because when I put it in it is so messy and it just looks like a triangle instead of a circle. I couldn't stop laughing because after Aletheia put her cakes on her plate she just eat the small ones she made. What I really enjoyed about her is that she is a hard worker that never give's up especially at eating.