Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Writing Reflection

Hi guys today we had writing and it was a test our test was about Good friends.It was hard in the begging but then it kind of went easy but I still struggle and I managed to finish it

NAME: Tevita
START WRITING HERE: Good Friend is having a good friendship with others and friendship can be like best friends.Good friends is when people is gaining and making good choices with each others. It is good to be a good friend because it would be like having a friend that never gets mad at you never argue and fight with because that is Negative friends.Good friend would be like people that never give up people and that encourage the mate and there best friend. Good friend is being a peace person.Good freinds is having a good friendship with others and students(Kids).

Good friends can be important by having a positive life not a negative life.Good friends is being respectful to others and Joyful. Good friends can be great as being at heaven.Good is just the same as being at a place that there no drama and no fighting and just calm.If you want to be a good friend you should always learn how be kind and to control your anger on people that try to get you mad.For example people make try make  you angry by saying ¨Your Parents¨,¨Your Grandparents¨, ¨Your Generation¨.

You should always try manage your emotion and try be a good person like what you do to your friends.If your trying your best to be a good friend you will stay kind and when you die you will always go heaven because they will accept good friends.

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